CRM for Student Success

Professional services to power student recruitment

Professional Services

The Azorus CRM solution is more than just technology. We provide a working partnership to help each client achieve the best results post-implementation. Consequently, Azorus provides consultancy as part of our standard offering. Professional Services not only includes assistance with the general usage of the Azorus CRM platform, we will assist with many other requirements and consult with respect to best practices and protocols.


  • Enhanced account management.
  • Communications planning and yearly review assistance.
  • Assistance with email development, i.e. welcome emails, customization, proper filtering, email protocol, opt-in/opt-out best practices, etc.
  • Testing and compliancy of emails within common email clients.
  • Basic web and graphic services within the platform.
  • Additional refresher training or training of new staff.
  • Reviews of, recommendations and assistance regarding form fields/values, filters, communications, links, data imports, event management, reporting, etc.

Knowledge transfer is ongoing between Azorus staff and your institution to ensure a successful business partnership to help you reach your goals.